One Sunday in February.

Well, no "orbs" in this picture .... however, it took me about 18 attempts to get this picture to come out the way I wanted it. This picture takes about 4 or 5 hours to take - about 18 times before this attempt. Standing there for several hours taking all the images in that old building .... I generally would be the only one in the building. Doors in the hallway slammed several times - and there would be no corresponding approach or retreat noises that a human would make walking through the debris in the hallways.

This one last shot - When I started taking the images that make up this picture (there are about 300 of them) .... my right shoulder got very cold - felt a weight on it. It was like someone was resting their hand on my shoulder. It remained there the entire time I was shooting the picture. When I shot the final shot - the weight and the cold went away.