Three Men in a Cab

I was "UBERing" one morning around DC .... and about my 2nd or 3rd fare was a couple of Pool riders - Uber Pool is where people select to be part of a pool to get a cheaper rate - they share the ride with another rider going in the same general direction. 

I had two riders in this pool - both picked up at the Reagan International Airport. The first Rider flew in from Canada via Air Canada at Terminal "A" - the smallest terminal kind of out of the way with both arrivals and departures coming and going on the same level. The second rider, however, was at Terminal "B" arriving from Maine on Delta - and came out on the lower level. At this airport, there is no direct route from Terminal "A" to the lower level at Terminal "B" - you have to drive all the way around the airport to get from one to the other.

So ... the first gentleman was a Catholic Priest from Jacksonville, Florida who had been in Canada for a seminar of some sort and was flying through DC for a one day meeting and would be spending a couple of days with his nephew in Maryland. During the lap around the airport I also learned he became a widower in his late 50s or early 60s and decided to go into the Seminary. He graduated and became a priest at the age of 64 - and has been a priest for about 9 years (you can do the math).

The second gentleman ended up being a man in his mid 30s or so flying in from Portland Maine where he worked for the FAA and was down in DC for a training seminar required for all administrators. He also mentioned that he had been there for 3 years after working for several years at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut. He had been living in Ellington, Connecticut where he had been born and raised. Of course, I had mentioned that I grew up in Granby, Connecticut - he not only knew Granby, but had an Aunt/Uncle and cousins that lived there!!

At this point, the priest chimed in stating that he was born and raised in Farmington Connecticut - and he still had relatives in both Ellington and Granby.

So three strangers, a 74 year old priest from Jacksonville Florida, a 35 (about) year old FAA administrator from Portland, Maine and a 57 year old UBER driver from Virginia all climb in a cab together and find out they happened to have grown up within a few miles of each other all with ties to Granby, Connecticut ..... what are the odds of that happening?